«Choral Meeting concert» - 8 Dec 2017


A meeting of choirs in the context of Our Lady of Conception's festivities.

Venue: Carapelhos Chapel (Mira town, Coimbra, Portugal) - Time: 7pm - Free.


«Canon João Castelhano» concert - 19 Nov 2017


A joint concert, along with Vox Aetherea choir, in honour of Canon João Castelhano to publicly acknowledge his support to both choirs especially during his time as São José parish-priest (in Coimbra, Portugal).

Venue: São José's church (Coimbra, Portugal) - Time: 4pm - Free.



«Holy Queen Elizabeth» concert - 21 Oct 2017


Organised by Confraria da Rainha Santa Isabel (the Holy Queen Elizabeth brotherhood).

Venue: "Santa Clara-A-Nova" Monastery, Coimbra (Portugal) Time: 9:30PM.

«Easter concert» - 22 April 2017


A concert on the sacred repertoire of the liturgical Easter Time.

Venue: São José's church (Coimbra, Portugal) - Time: 9:30pm - Free, all welcome.


«Maundy Thursday Concert» - 13 April 2017


Venue: "Conservatório de Música de Coimbra" Auditorium - Time: 9:30PM.

«In Paradisum» concert - V Requiem Festival, Coimbra 2017


Organised by Coro Sinfónico Inês de Castro (Coimbra "Inês de Castro" Simphony Corus).

Venue: Coimbra Old Cathedral (Sé Velha, Portugal) - Day: 1st April - Time: 9:30PM.

«Manuel Faria 100 Years» concert - 18 march 2017


Venue: University of Coimbra St. Michael's Chapel - Day: 18th March - Time: 7:30pm.


«In Adventu Domini» concert - 3 Dec 2016

Venue: Saint Cecilia's Basilica (Rome, Italy) - Time: 4pm - Free, all welcome.

Mass in plainchant - 2 Dec 2016

Venue: Saint Peter's Basilica (Vatican City) - Time: 5pm.
Ferial Mass (Feria sexta I in Tempus Adventus):

    Introitus | Ad Te levavi animam meam
    Kyrie XVI
    Ave Maria 3 v.ae. (M. Sousa Santos, 1918-1983)
    Sanctus XVIII
    Agnus Dei XVIII
    Communio | Dominus dabit benignitatem
    Finis | Rorate caeli (Ne irascaris Domine...)

Fund raise concert - 6 Nov 2016

"Laudate in choro et organo" concert
Venue: São José's church in Coimbra (Portugal) - Time: 5pm - Free, all welcome!

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