Who we are...

Capela Gregoriana Psalterium was founded in January 1999 in the city of Coimbra (Portugal). It  is an exclusively male voice choir and juridically is a charity entity whose fundamental aims are the study, dissemination, and live performance of gregorian chant. Its repertoire is therefore mainly plain chant, nevertheless it also includes both early and contemporary polyphony for male equal voices.

Since March 1999, when the first public performance occurred, the choir has toured through differant parts of Portugal’s mainland as well as Azores islands giving different types of concerts and also taking part in religious services, such as Mass and Vespers. In October 2000 it went abroad for the first time to take part in a Luso-Brazilian gregorian chant meeting in Brasília - this was a Brazilian Federal Government invitation in the context of the official celebrations of the 500-year anniversary of the discovery of Brazil.

Since the very beginning, Capela Gregoriana Psalterium is under the conducting of Alberto Medina de Seiça.


Cappella Master

Alberto Medina de Seiça.


Current singers

Alberto Silva - Carlos Barreiros - João André Carvalho - João Nuno Ferreira - José Miguel Perdigão - José Paulo Elvas - Luís de Moura - Luís Toscano - Mário Rui Simões - Miguel Vaz - Nuno Lavoura - Rui César Vilão - Rui Saltão.


Former singers

António Henrique Pimentel (founder member, 1999-2006) - José Gonçalo da Silva (founder member, 1999-2012) - Pedro Ramiro Almeida (founder member, 1999-2001).